dr mark zhuk

As we approach the end of 2019, Dr. Mark Zhuk reviews how many patients’ lives have recently been saved by early detection. Although every life saved is a huge accomplishment in the medical world, here are some of Dr. Zhuk’s most memorable patient stories.

Patient A came in for a routine follow up appointment and was actively on a wellness plan with no adverse symptoms. This patient smoked a pack of cigarettes each day and was 53 years old. This lifestyle made him a perfect candidate for coronary artery disease. Dr. Zhuk had the patient undergo a calcium score test which showed a significant lesion in his left anterior descending artery. He was placed into the medical system for an immediate procedure to correct the issue before his problem progressed. He is currently in good health and has also dropped the smoking habit!

Patient B has been a wellness patient of The Q Institute for quite some time and was experiencing zero symptoms at the time of his preventative scan. This patient was 62 years old and had recently completed a blood panel. His test revealed a high PSA (prostate specific antigen) level of 14. Dr. Zhuk immediately had the patient undergo a 3 Tesla MRI of the prostate. The scan results showed a tumor in the prostate which required immediate surgery. Thankfully this patient is still living a full, healthy life thanks to early detection.

Patient C is a 47 year old, healthy female who opted to do a preventative scan of her breasts. She also experienced zero symptoms and had recently obtained a negative mammogram result. Her PET scan revealed, however, that there was a tumor in her left breast. Her tumor was immediately removed and her life has also been saved.

Early detection is only part of what we do here at the Q Institute. We thrive to keep our patients on a clear path to living a better life by incorporating a healthy lifestyle and diet as well. To make your appointment with Dr. Mark Zhuk give us a call today at 1-844-244-4900 or email us by clicking here.