dr mark zhuk

Dr. Mark Zhuk who is certified by the Canadian College of Family Physicians, moved to the USA from Canada in 2001.  Dr. Zhuk is the Medical Director here at The Q Institute, a longevity clinic in downtown Miami, where he successfully utilizes early disease detection to save lives. 

Dr. Zhuk has organically developed, acquired and operated chains of imaging centers throughout Florida and Ohio. His many years in the world of radiology has resulted in his ability to understand how advanced imaging can be successfully used for prevention. In all instances, he has delivered strong positive results while offering best in class medical services with maximized utilization. Through his involvement in radiology, Dr. Zhuk has also gained a fair amount of expertise in clinical research and has been the principal investigator in many instances. 

Dr. Zhuk incorporates his patients’ lifestyle and diet into their wellness plans and focuses on the whole picture. He has shifted the paradigm from treatment of symptoms to early diagnosis, in order to save lives. His approach to health has resulted in multiple patients traveling to the U.S. from other countries to obtain his medical care.

The Q Institute is a forward-thinking medical practice that utilizes various testing and therapies that are not covered by insurance. Due to our practice being a cash-only practice, we are able to utilize multiple modalities in order to detect disease early where most physicians only treat disease after it occurs.

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