The Q Institute is a medical practice of the future.  We believe the key to optimal health and wellness lies in our ability to gather as much information about an individual’s health as possible. Through advanced radiologic imaging and comprehensive blood analysis, the Q can custom tailor this data collection based on someone’s predispositions as determined by their family history. 

In North America, heart disease and cancer are the number 1 and 2 causes of death. The best way to survive either, is to identify them early.


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Get Scanned Early to Detect Dementia

Getting scanned early to detect dementia is always a good idea.  Catching it early means you can take action fast to help reduce the crippling side effects that can be life-changing.   Some of the common symptoms include memory problems, difficulty concentrating, behavioral changes and confusion. It’s imperative to know that there is hope to lessening… Read more about Get Scanned Early to Detect Dementia

Find Pancreatic Cancer Early…Your Only Chance at Survival!

What do the 3 celebrities Steve Jobs, Luciano Pavarotti and Patrick Swayze all have in common? PANCREATIC CANCER, although not commonly publicized, it affects 1 out of every 63 men (or women) in their lifetime. Unfortunately, there are typically NO SYMPTOMS until the disease has significantly progressed. According to the Hirschberg Foundation on Pancreatic Cancer… Read more about Find Pancreatic Cancer Early…Your Only Chance at Survival!