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Happy 2020! Welcome to a new year with new resolutions and another opportunity to get a fresh start on improving your health! We are excited to share this informative interview with you, led by the very talented Chelsea Haines who specializes in gut health along with mind and spiritual health. Listen here as our very own Dr. Mark Zhuk gives us his history in the world of medicine. You’ll learn why it is vital to shift your healthcare paradigm from treatment to diagnosis.

By obtaining the diagnosis early in his relationships with his patients, Dr. Zhuk has been successful in saving numerous lives and preventing terminal illnesses. The technology we need to do this exists today and can be used for preventative purposes. In Dr. Zhuk’s practice it has already proven to be hugely successful. When a patient discovers they have a disease they were completely unaware of, their response is always gratefulness. Catching disease early is the best way to take control of your health.

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