pet scan

Getting a PET Scan can be intimidating, but it can also be a relief when you’re getting one for prevention. At the Q Institute, our patients get scanned early to prevent advanced stages of disease. Typically, most patients who are getting PET Scans are already in the advanced stages of disease. Unfortunately many of these patients have to search the internet to find out how things work.

You will not be allowed to eat six hours before your PET Scan, but drinking water is allowed. Abstaining from sugar and carbs is also a good idea when you eat your last meal prior to your scan. When you arrive, you will either be injected with a radioactive dye or you may also take something by mouth. This radioactive dye will show the doctor where cancer is in the body, if it exists. After waiting approximately an hour, you will be ready to lay down inside the PET Machine. Your scan should last around 30 or 45 minutes and will consist of laying inside the machine while it takes images of the inside of your body.

Typically results of a scan are available rather quickly so you may receive results in a day or two. Depending on the complexity of your results, they may go back for review by other physicians before determining a diagnosis if your scan shows signs of disease. The great thing about getting a PET Scan early is that you can relax once you receive your clean bill of health or heal your disease much easier when discovered in the early stages.

If you are interested in getting scanned early, call us today at The Q Institute at 1-844-244-4900.