Tadalafil We are mostly familiar with the drugs Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Stendra for their amazing effect on men with erectile dysfunction. What we may not know, however is that these four giants already command a six billion dollar economy and their best uses may only become apparent in the future.

As much as we each love our choice for PDE5 inhibitors, only one stands out as the choice for daily wellness maintenance. Tadalafil (Cialis) has a 17.5 hour half life compared to the 3-5 hour half life of the others. This means that taking Tadalafil daily allows a steady amount in the blood to be reached. Why do we want this? Just so that guys are ready when the time is right? Absolutely. But there is more. This drug actually improves the health of our body’s largest organ, the Endothelium, our blood vessels’ inner lining. By reducing blood pressure and decreasing the inflammatory markers, which indicate hardening of the arteries, it seems that Tadalafil easily trumps Aspirin as a protector of the heart and blood vessels.

We also cannot ignore the regenerative effects of Tadalafil on our cardiovascular system. Studies clearly indicate significantly more circulating progenitor cells (stem cells) in those taking Tadalafil over a placebo. An ailing cardiovascular system cannot be the only target of these cells. Surgical procedures leave severed blood vessels behind. Perhaps the more abundant progenitor cells afforded by Tadalafil given after a surgical procedure can help find the road to a more rapid recovery.

But wait, there’s even more, it is even being used as a prescription pre-workout supplement. More studies have shown significant increases in testosterone and cortisol when Tadalafil is taken pre-workout. Participants in the study were able to reach maximum power in a shorter period of time. These athletes in-the-know have been using Tadalafil and Sildenafil for years as a workout supplement, even though WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency) doesn’t seem to have these drugs on their list.  This information is good to know if you are in a highly competitive sport that does routine drug testing.

As for Tadalafil in the bedroom, daily supplementation means sex does not need to be timed, erections are harder and as a result, partners have more satisfaction.

At this time, we obviously can’t move Aspirin to the back of the shelf. It has been around since 1897 and its cardiovascular benefit on people at risk of CAD and those with acute chest pain in the ER have been well documented. Is it possible that Tadalafil replaces Aspirin one day as the daily supplement of choice for people at risk? Well a lot of research still needs to be done, but by the looks of it now, Tadalafil may show up as first line therapy on the wellness side of the Healthcare spectrum.

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