Our Philosophy

The Q Institute is a medical practice of the future. We believe the key to optimal health and wellness lies in our ability to gather as much information about an individual’s health as possible. Through advanced radiologic imaging and comprehensive blood analysis, the Q can custom tailor this data collection based on someone’s predispositions as determined by their family history. In North America, heart disease and cancer are the number 1 and 2 causes of death.  The best way to survive either is to identify them early.

Q Institute and its stable of seasoned medical professionals is familiar with the challenges a new imaging technology brings to a marketplace. Through educational marketing, the Q plans to engage local, regional and global providers of healthcare in their Clinic Symposiums. Affluent consumers will be specifically targeted with education through social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. Strategically placed educational kiosks will have attendants giving visual presentations on the technology and comparing it to current standards of care. “Grand-Round” type conferences at local and regional hospital chains will be sponsored to provide the latest on this breakthrough technology.

Furthermore, existing relationships with community concierge practices will be immediately engaged. Greater than 300 subjects already identified as VIP patients from local concierge physicians will join the Q’s membership practice and have executive serial studies performed as part of their annual assessments. Routine follow up protocol will be tailored to patient’s specific medical history, including cancer surveillance and cognitive evaluations.