micronutrient testingHave you ever felt depressed for no reason at all?   Or maybe you’ve felt like you needed nap in the middle of the day?   Believe it or not, you could be a victim of poor gut health.   Poor gut health can result in the depletion of your own happiness.

Did you realize that 90% of your seretonin is made up in your digestive tract?  This means diet is extremely important if you want to feel happy and energetic.  Caltech’s 2015 study discusses this subject and explains how altered levels of seretonin can actually cause disease.  Click here to read the full article.

For some, a simple addition of a solid probiotic could mean drastic changes in positive feelings and energy throughout the day.  But for many, a micronutrient and dietary antigen test is needed to determine what needs to be removed from or added to your diet in order to get your energy levels back on track.  This is where the Q Institute can help.

Our Micronutrient and Dietary Antigen tests will show you the foods in your diet that have a negative affect on your body.  This test will also show you the foods that are generating a positive response.  Results are quick and simple and can really help shift your energy.   Removing the items that are stressing your system will restore your energy.  A quick adjustment can make a huge difference.  We’d love to help you lift your spirits the natural way.

Get your Micronutrient and Dietary Antigen tests done today at The Q Institute.  Click here to schedule an appointment or make an inquiry!