mental healthThe effect our mental health has on our physical health has been studied for ages.  It is becoming more widely understood that psychological well-being really does help your body remain in a healthier state.   Recurrent exposure to emotional distress has actually been linked to physical dysregulation occurring in our bodies.

When our fight or flight response kicks in, our immune system shuts down to provide the body with enough energy to protect us.  While our body is in protection mode, it cannot focus on boosting immunity which puts us at a greater risk for inflammatory responses and diminishes natural killer cell functions.

This great article discusses 16 prospective studies that observed psychological distress in relation to site specific cancer mortality.  Click here the read the full article.  Of course there are a many things one can do to try to maintain a healthy mental level of well-being.  Surround yourself with other mentally healthy people who are maintaining a positive attitude in life and living a healthy lifestyle as well.  Eat a well balanced diet full of healthy non-toxic food.  Abstain from drinking alcohol and doing recreational drugs.  And of course exercise, get out and enjoy life with great friends and laugh as much as you can.

If you notice you’re stuck in an emotionally draining relationship or job, consider how this is affecting your physical health and do what you can to revive your life with some very necessary and positive changes.  For a few other resources describing specific links between physical and mental health check out these articles below.

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