dementiaGetting scanned early to detect dementia is always a good idea.  Catching it early means you can take action fast to help reduce the crippling side effects that can be life-changing.   Some of the common symptoms include memory problems, difficulty concentrating, behavioral changes and confusion.

It’s imperative to know that there is hope to lessening the effects of dementia.  A patient’s diet can be changed and you can take preventative measures even after the diagnosis.

There is significant research that a plant based diet is great for preventing and helping reverse side effects of dementia.  Even though dementia is usually seen in older patients over 50, it has also been seen in people in their 40’s.  What’s interesting is that it all comes back to circulation.  A plant based diet keeps your circulation from being obstructed with clogged arteries and keeps your cholesterol at a low safe level because plant based foods do not contain cholesterol.   In the previous years numerous studies have been done showing that switching your diet can help get your body back where it needs to be.

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