Our 3D Body Scan gives you the best visualization of your body’s surface anatomy in 3D.  This is the only way you can truly measure your physique.  Our 3D body scan is great to use if you are determining if a body contouring procedure gave you your desired outcome and it’s also great for creating a wellness plan with real goals for a fitter body.   Our 3D Body Scan is the most reliable way to achieve exact measurements of your entire body so  book online today!  You’ll receive a comprehensive report at your appointment.  You may also discuss wellness plans with our in-house physician.   Or you can simply get the measurements you need for your seamstress.

Appointment times are required and are 30 minutes in length at The Q Institute at 111 SW 3rd Street, Suite 302, Miami, FL 33130.  

What to wear:  Women please wear bikinis for your scan.   Men please wear boxers or briefs.

3D body scan