the q instituteIt’s a great feeling when you get to tell your patients they are cancer free.  It’s also a great feeling when you get to tell them their health will be restored due to catching cancer in the early stages.  We do this every day at the Q Institute and are happy to share  our success stories with you.

Dr. Mark Zhuk of the Q Institute was relieved when one of his favorite patients finally came in to do his preventative scan after months of prodding.  After getting some bloodwork done, this patient received results that were well outside of the normal ranges.  His diet and lifestyle were also contributing to him being at a high risk of developing cancer.  Once the bloodwork report came in, Dr. Zhuk was able to get him in for scans which showed a tumor had developed in his prostate.  Following immediate surgery, he recovered nicely and is back to enjoying life again at the ripe young age of 62.  Without this bloodwork and wellness checkup, his cancer would have continued to grow with no symptoms until it was most likely too late.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Get a wellness checkup today at the Q Institute and let us help you with early detection so you can enjoy life with your loved ones without worrying about your health.  Call today at 1-844-244-4900 or email us by clicking here.