Are you tired of taking selfies in the mirror attempting to measure the results of your workout? We’ve heard too many of our patients talk about how difficult it is to truly measure results. This is why we’re announcing our new 3D Body Scan at The Q Institute.

Now you can book online through our website (click here) to schedule a very thorough, 3D body scan that will measure your entire body. These aren’t the same flat images you shoot with your camera phone. It includes every part of your body including the width of your biceps, legs and waist. Now you can truly measure where you are in the beginning of your program and then again at the end. Remember – working out is only a small part of changing your shape. A very healthy, balanced diet and the right amount of vitamins and supplements are important also.

Click here to contact us or call us at 1-844-244-4900 to begin a new wellness program with all of the data you need to make sure you’re covered on all ends.

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3D body scan
3D Body Scan at The Q Institute