food does matterYes it’s true, food really does matter!  Some of us tend to eat what we like and not really pay attention to the negative affects some of these foods have on our body.  All it takes is a little bit of knowledge and willpower and eventually you can transform your diet into one that can actually make you feel and look so much better.   Food Matters is an enlightening documentary that highlights information dating back for years that can help you achieve a healthier diet.  We highly recommend watching!

Psychology today discusses how the food we eat really affects our mood and behavior.  When good food is combined with a healthy lifestyle and great relationships, your quality of life is greatly increased.  This article finds that it is healthier to eat unprocessed and plant-based foods like vegetables, fruits and nuts…and we totally agree.  Click here to read the full article.

In some countries, patients with cancer are told to completely change their diet by removing sugars and refined foods, and are put on a strict plant based diet while they undergo alternative therapies that are less invasive than radiation and chemo.  In this documentary, Cancer Can Be Killed, patients who have traveled outside of the US for a special procedure discuss how their therapy was actually quite painless and they felt great throughout the process.   Click here to watch the trailer.

In summary, yes what you put into your body matters and your diet can really determine how you feel and experience life.  Dr. Mark Zhuk at the Q Institute recommends adding a probiotic to your diet on a daily basis and also getting at least 20 minutes of real Vitamin D or sunlight (or add a supplemental Vitamin D).  As always we’re here to help and if you’d like to get your diet in check and your cuisine on a healthy track, contact us today at 1-844-244-4900 or at


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