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At the Q, we find Cancer early.

At the Q, we find Heart Disease early.

We all know the key to surviving any of these deadly illnesses is early detection.

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The Q Institute was established with one major motivation in mind…… to provide excellence in healthcare management. We believe this is only possible when we have all the data needed to make better healthcare choices.

The healthcare spectrum is a continuum ranging from extreme illness to most optimal wellness. We believe optimal wellness can only be achieved when illness has been excluded. As we are now aware, death is often the first sign that illness exists. This means heart disease and cancer, killers number 1 and 2 in North America, can progress significantly without any signs or symptoms. But how do we know? Conventional recommendations by the American Task force on Preventative Health recommend limited investigations to determine the presence of illness. Mammography, Colonoscopy and PSA prostate screening are disease specific screening tests that utilize rudimentary forms of data collection. Can negative results ensure disease absence?

At the Q, we believe advanced diagnostic technology currently being used to manage disease, must also be used to look for disease. Using PET (Positron Emission Tomography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and CT (Computerized Tomography), the Q collects comprehensive metabolic and anatomic data. Furthermore, a comprehensive blood panel to assess biochemistry including Blood Counts and Metabolic Profile, as well as Hormone and Vitamin Levels is also in order.

So you’ve done the scans and your clear…now what?  The Q can optimize your health by recommending vitamin and hormone supplements to help you sustain a higher level of wellness with dramatically less risk than the conventional blind approach.   Any questions?  Click here to email us today.


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