the q institute's tipsStaying healthy is all about being in-the-know and getting ahead by taking charge of your health.  Our patients are continuously impressing us by being proactive and putting their health first.   With all of the new trends in the wellness industry, there are many ways to optimize your well-being.  Although some of these forms of therapy including Hormone Replacement Therapy can truly help you feel better, without proper guidance you could potentially do more harm than good.  For example, if you have previously been diagnosed with cancer, you may be putting yourself even more at risk by taking hormones.  Getting the proper testing done first can assure that you are on the right path to great health.  Here’s our quick list of items to keep you healthy:

  1.  First – Get your bloodwork done.

    Your blood test results let us know where you stand currently as well as what and how much you need for optimal function.  Test results can also let us know what levels are way off and if you may have an underlying cancer that is growing while remaining undetected.  Some of our patients have had zero side effects and have discovered major illnesses through a blood test alone.  Click here and send us your info to get started with your bloodwork today.

  2. Second – Research the Food and Supplements you put into your body.

    It’s no secret there are tons of chemicals, additives, preservatives and unhealthy stuff in our food, drinks and supplements.  Research these items before consuming them and make sure you are aware of what goes into your system. Sometimes a huge increase in performance is achieved just by changing your diet.  Be aware of the negative effects of wheat gluten, pesticides on fruits and vegetables, chemicals in drink cans and bottles and excess amounts of sugar.  If you actively eat meat and dairy products, consider replacing these items with a plant based version and get educated on the amazing truth about eating a plant based diet with plant based protein and its positive effect on your health.  Click here to watch the documentary From the Ground Up.

  3. Third – Stay Fit and Remain Active.  Activity is the key to youthfulness.

    Yes the old saying is true…if you don’t use it, you lose it.  Most of us need a regimented fitness program in order to stay fit and keep us physical enough that we don’t pack on the pounds and begin feeling sluggish.  You can do anything for 2 weeks, and if you do you’re most likely going to develop a great habit of staying in shape and looking and feeling great.


And Finally –

Get Complete Advanced Imaging to look for cancer and other potentially deadly diseases.

At the Q Institute we offer advanced screenings utilizing MRI and PET/CT Scan technology, which enables us to see what’s going on inside your body.  Even without symptoms, some cancers can go undetected for years before the warning signs begin appearing.  Getting scanned early can save your life, your spouse’s life and of course give you peace of mind that will help you move forward knowing that your health is in good standing.   To inquire and learn more about our available scans, please click here and fill out our form or call us at 1-844-244-4900 today.


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