Did you know that every day we lose approximately 4,000 people to heart attacks, cancers and strokes? Death from these three killers is entirely preventable and can be diagnosed early with diagnostic imaging. The American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society issued their reports for the 2019 year. These reports demonstrate that Americans are not taking control of their health and are dying at a rapid pace from treatable illnesses.

At the Q Institute, our patients undergo advanced imaging to look at their body before they are diagnosed with cancers or other disease. Many times we find disease in the early stages that has not produced symptoms yet. Due to early detection many of our patients not only live longer, healthier lives, they also are more capable of helping their loved ones live healthier lives. When someone gets sick, it takes a village, which is usually their loved ones, to take care of them. Helping a family member through chemo or with advanced cancers can be a real challenge for everyone involved. This is the point when everyone involved wishes they could have done something to prevent the situation.

At The Q Institute, you CAN prevent a bad health outcome. Our comprehensive blood analysis and our screening packages can help you live in peace, knowing you have a clean bill of health. We’re also here to help guide you along the way with our concierge medicine plan. Our in-house medical staff is happy to assist you on your path to wellness. Don’t be a number in the casualty report, take control of your health today by calling us at 1-844-244-4900.