IMMUNITY is the new trend in 2020. With the current COVID19 pandemic spreading throughout the world, people are becoming more aware of how important their state of health really is. More and more medical professionals are considering diets and vitamins when assisting their patients with prevention. Your overall immunity is imperative to you staying healthy.

At the Q Institute we look at your overall health and wellbeing. What job do you have? Do you get enough sleep? How much time do you spend outdoors in nature, soaking up Vitamin D from the sun? Do you eat organic fruits and vegetables and how pure is the water you are drinking? These are all important aspects to building immunity and living well.

We’ve discussed in numerous blogs that stress plays a key role in immune system function as well. Many families have been kept in their homes together for the previous months. For some families, this is a great experience and for others, it can be a time of high stress. Remember to take some time to yourself, walk in nature, detach from technology and breathe a little. Oxygen is very necessary for your health so going on a nature walk in the fresh air is always a great idea.

If you’re one of these people who are ready to get serious about improving your immunity, we’re here to help. Our variety of testing will give you an overall picture of where you stand, including what foods you should and should not eat. If you are vitamin deficient, we’ll help you supplement with the best possible products available.

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