Many people are apprehensive about returning to work and going out in public places following the Coronavirus saga. Since we will have to reopen at some point, we’ve put together some COVID-19 preparedness tips to guide you through the reopening of the economy.

Logic and reasoning is key and just as you would protect yourself if you were a healthcare worker, constantly working with sick people, you can use these tips to avoid contracting the virus. If you are unable to work remotely, wearing a mask in your office for a period of time would be wise. We currently have a limited supply of medical grade, reusable KN-95 masks available which can be purchased by clicking here and leaving us your information to contact you.

Maintaining a safe distance from others can also help along with washing your hands or using hand sanitizer to get rid of germs. If another employee or friend is sick or experiences COVID-19 symptoms, recommend they stay at home for a period of 14 days to prevent the spread. Vitamins and supplements can also help to boost your immune system at all times and are also available through our practice. At the Q Institute we preach health and wellness and believe arming yourself with an amazing diet can help your body fight off all illnesses. Click here to read our post regarding foods you can consume to help build immunity.

For a more thorough list of ideas on how you can prepare your office, employees, friends or family to prevent the spread, click here.